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RPP is the CCRC for You!

October 28, 2021/by Eleanor Weir

What is a CCRC?

October 21, 2021/by Eleanor Weir

Fall Adventures in Baltimore

October 15, 2021/by Eleanor Weir

RPP Grand Expansion is Now Complete and Open

October 13, 2021/by Maya Krishnamurthy

Beginning Your Downsizing Journey

September 30, 2021/by Eleanor Weir

Grand Move-Ins At Our Grand Expansion

September 14, 2021/by Eleanor Weir

Visit the Grand Expansion

August 6, 2021/by Eleanor Weir

A Meditation on Wellness

July 8, 2021/by Eleanor Weir

President, Sam Guedouar, Featured in Baltimore Magazine

June 28, 2021/by Eleanor Weir

Library Working Group Going Strong

June 9, 2021/by Eleanor Weir

National Senior Fitness Day 2021

May 26, 2021/by Eleanor Weir

Our Not So Secret Garden

May 12, 2021/by Becki Bees

Flower Market 2021

May 6, 2021/by Becki Bees

Wave “Hello” to More Trips and Outings

April 28, 2021/by Becki Bees

RPP Adds New Garden Plots

April 19, 2021/by Becki Bees

The Easter Bunny Visits RPP

April 4, 2021/by Becki Bees

Delivering happiness

March 23, 2021/by Becki Bees

What to do with that car

March 22, 2021/by Becki Bees

Fine Dining Has Returned to RPP

March 19, 2021/by Becki Bees

New Art Books for the Library

March 8, 2021/by Becki Bees

Employees Celebrate Some Big Milestones

March 7, 2021/by Becki Bees

Our chef whips up some sweet desserts

February 23, 2021/by Becki Bees

This View is Still Available!

February 16, 2021/by Becki Bees

Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 14, 2021/by Becki Bees

Vaccines for Residents

February 2, 2021/by Becki Bees

Snow Day Cupcakes

January 26, 2021/by Becki Bees

Wellness Goodie Bags

January 20, 2021/by Becki Bees

Inoculation Elation!

January 13, 2021/by Becki Bees

Easy Resolutions for the New Year

January 6, 2021/by Becki Bees

Views That Bring the Drama!

December 30, 2020/by Becki Bees

Countdown to Christmas Hot Chocolate

December 24, 2020/by Becki Bees

I scream, you scream. We all scream for ice cream!

December 23, 2020/by Becki Bees

The Holidays are Here!

December 18, 2020/by Becki Bees

A Message From a Grateful Resident

December 3, 2020/by Megan Hegarty

The Precious Pets of RPP are all Winners!

December 1, 2020/by Becki Bees

RPP Medical Director, Hilary Don, recognized as Mid-Atlantic AMDA Chapter Medical Director of the Year

November 18, 2020/by Becki Bees

Residents Offer Encouraging Notes to Meal Donations

November 6, 2020/by Becki Bees

Election Day Pearls

November 4, 2020/by Becki Bees

Roland Park Place Quilters Share Fabric and Friendship

October 13, 2020/by Becki Bees

RPP Welcomes New VP of Finance, Dave Charter

October 12, 2020/by Becki Bees

The best employees in the world!

September 28, 2020/by Becki Bees

It’s Still Summer! Friday barbecues at RPP

August 28, 2020/by Becki Bees

ART Committee oversees the installation of original artwork

August 14, 2020/by Becki Bees

“Some people will tell you there is a great deal of poetry and fine sentiment in a chest of tea.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

August 8, 2020/by Becki Bees

RPP Featured in Baltimore Magazine

April 16, 2020/by online

A Valuable Perspective podcast featuring RPP resident Dr. Sol Snyder

March 3, 2020/by Becki Bees

Welcome to New RPP President, Sam Guedouar!

February 25, 2020/by Becki Bees

The Top Four Myths of Retiring in a Senior Living Community

December 13, 2019/by online

Ray Sweet, RPP Board Member Promoted

November 4, 2019/by Trisha Wiggins

Building New Connections At the Grand Expansion of Roland Park Place

October 16, 2019/by online

Nancy Holder Featured on Latest RPP-WYPR Podcast

October 4, 2019/by Trisha Wiggins

Maintaining Your Healthy Lifestyle

September 11, 2019/by online

RPP’s Latest Podcast Features Resident Nancy Bradford

August 14, 2019/by Trisha Wiggins

Senior Living In Roland Park: The First Garden Suburb

August 1, 2019/by online

Jennifer Davis Earns Certification

July 19, 2019/by Trisha Wiggins

What You Eat Can Impact How You Age

July 16, 2019/by Trisha Wiggins

Discover The Grand Expansion at Roland Park Place

July 2, 2019/by online

RPP’s Latest Podcast Features Clive Schiff

July 1, 2019/by Trisha Wiggins

Staff Longevity Recognition Luncheon Held

June 12, 2019/by Trisha Wiggins

Active Senior Living at Roland Park Place: Exercising the Body and Mind

June 11, 2019/by online

RPP Goes Red for Women!

June 6, 2019/by Trisha Wiggins


May 28, 2019/by Trisha Wiggins

The Charm of Charm City: Things to Do in Baltimore City

April 17, 2019/by online

New Podcast Available… Lillian Burgunder!

April 5, 2019/by Trisha Wiggins

RPP’s Liquor License Article in the Baltimore Business Journal

March 27, 2019/by Trisha Wiggins

Understanding Continuing Care Retirement Communities

March 21, 2019/by online

Latest WYPR Podcast Features… Jack and Doris Zimmerman

March 14, 2019/by Trisha Wiggins

Roland Park Place Voted #1 by Baltimore Style Readers

February 27, 2019/by Trisha Wiggins

Welcoming Arts & Education at Roland Park Place

February 15, 2019/by online

RPP Welcomes New Board Members

February 11, 2019/by online

RPP Board Chair — A Woman Who Moves Maryland

January 25, 2019/by Trisha Wiggins

Re-Imagining Roland Park Place

January 25, 2019/by online

Tech Savvy Grandparents

January 8, 2019/by Trisha Wiggins

Betsy Hughes – A Valuable Perspective

December 3, 2018/by Trisha Wiggins

RPP Honors its Veterans

November 13, 2018/by Trisha Wiggins

2018 Elf Project — Helping the Salvation Army

November 13, 2018/by Trisha Wiggins

CIC to Support Hampden Family Center’s Holiday Happenings

November 13, 2018/by Trisha Wiggins

2018 Salvation Army Turkey Drive a Success

November 13, 2018/by Trisha Wiggins

RPP Food Drive Benefits CARES

November 13, 2018/by Trisha Wiggins

Boo!!! It’s Halloween at Roland Park Place!

November 1, 2018/by Trisha Wiggins

Roland Park Place Receives Beautiful New Senior Living Expansion

November 1, 2018/by online

RPP Attends LeadingAge Annual Meeting

October 31, 2018/by Trisha Wiggins

Contractor Thank You Luncheon Well-Received

October 30, 2018/by Trisha Wiggins

First “Jeans for a Cause” Day a Success!

October 30, 2018/by Trisha Wiggins

Roland Park Place Promotes Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 18, 2018/by Trisha Wiggins

Dick Springer, a 20 year State Department veteran recalls his service.

September 4, 2018/by online

The First Reservation Deposit Received!

August 17, 2018/by Trisha Wiggins

Resident Gary Blauvelt shares his teaching experience on WYPR’s latest podcast

July 18, 2018/by Becki Bees

Lucretia Wilson-Myers talks about heat safety on Fox45

July 18, 2018/by Becki Bees

Roland Park Place Expansion featured in the Beacon

July 10, 2018/by Becki Bees


May 4, 2018/by online

RPP Residents Knit Hats For Newborns At Hospitals For The American Heart Association

March 27, 2018/by online

RPP Residents and Staff Attend “Maryland Citizens For The Arts Day” in Annapolis

March 16, 2018/by online

RPP resident Martin Millspaugh talks to RPP about the redevelopment of the Inner Harbor

March 5, 2018/by online


January 12, 2018/by online

RPP Honors City Firefighters and Paramedics With Appreciation Lunch

September 30, 2017/by online

RPP Breaks Ground on Awesome Renovations and Expansion Project

May 30, 2017/by online

RPP launches Community News Site

January 10, 2017/by online

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