“Investing in our staff and residents through superior care, exemplary services, and innovative programs is a hallmark of our great organization. Providing a comfortable, safe, and secure environment for those who live and work at RPP remains our top priority. I am particularly excited about the 2020 Fall Appeal to support the beautification and enhancement of the RPP community. With your support through the Fall Appeal, we hope to further nurture an environment that will be welcoming to future residents and visitors, comforting to our current residents and staff, and inviting to families when they return to the RPP campus.”

– Sam Guedouar, President


$3000Helps to improve the landscape of the Gardens, update furnishings on the Patio and provide aquatic pool upgrades
$1500Secures three employee scholarships for eligible student scholars to attend trade school, college or university
$1000Helps to acquire one fuel efficient, low maintenance electric vehicle
$500Funds one community-wide Art-With-A-Heart mosaic project


Whether it’s a donation to the Employee Scholarship Fund, the Campus Beautification Fund, or Memory Support Fund, your gift will help Roland Park Place realize its mission of being a leading provider of services for older adults and their families while fostering a strong sense of community, where everyone is known by name and every voice is heard and valued.


Roland Park Place is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit Life Plan community. The growth of the Roland Park Place community is made possible by a long-standing tradition of generosity and stewardship in support of our commitment by enhancing the lives of Residents.

Many important projects have come to fruition through the support of donors. Every gift is important and benefits our residents, today and in the future.

Why does Roland Park Place need gifts and bequests? Because Roland Park Place has three sources of income: Resident fees, investment earnings, and charitable gifts. As a not-for-profit community, we reinvest all earned and donated income back into our community to better serve those who live here.

We are pleased to share that no Resident has ever been asked to leave Roland Park Place due to an uncontrollable financial inability to pay. This is made possible by the Resident Assistance Fund, just one of the many vehicles by which generous donors can give to Roland Park Place.

Help Support Roland Park Place through Amazon

Please consider bookmarking this link http://smile.amazon.com/ch/52-1197548 so all of your eligible purchases made through AmazonSmile will benefit Roland Park Place. When you shop at AmazonSmile, Amazon donates 0.5% of the purchase price to Roland Park Place. Thank you in advance for your thoughtful support.


Outright Gifts

Gifts given outright are especially helpful to Roland Park Place because they help meet immediate needs. Such gifts may be made annually for general operating support or given over the year as a tribute or in memory of others.

Gifts of Stocks, Bonds, or Other Marketable Securities

Gifts from a will or trust, retirement plan, gifts of stock and appreciated assets.

Charitable Gift Annuities

A charitable gift annuity will provide you with income for life when you transfer cash or securities to Roland Park Place, and in return, receive fixed payments and a charitable tax deduction for your gift.

Vehicle Donations

Donating your used car, truck, or motorcycle is a great way to help fuel the mission of RPP. Plus, it’s fast and easy to do, and you may qualify for a tax deduction. We will arrange free pick up and towing.  Simply email us at mlacey@rpplace.org or call 410.243.4848.

Tribute Cards

Please consider sending a tribute to a Resident or staff member as a way of wishing them well, celebrating their birthday or anniversary, or sending a card in memorial with a special Tribute Card. We offer many occasions to choose from.

With a tax-deductible contribution to Roland Park Place, our Director of Philanthropy will send the card of your choice to that special person you wish to recognize. Such a gift is a meaningful way to honor or remember friends and family, as well as being a wonderful expression of care that not only benefits the Residents of Roland Park Place, but also supports the important mission of our community.

Click here to view the latest line of RPP Tribute Cards.

Please call Michelle Lacey at 410-243-4848 or mlacey@rpplace.org for more information.


Below are types of programs and projects that are supported by Resident gifts and donations from family members and the community:

Employee Scholarship Fund

Your gift to the Employee Scholarship Fund, which supports employees’ continuing education plans, helps us recruit the best candidates and retain the talents of experienced employees. The Fund helps ensure that we provide exemplary care to all who benefit from RPP services.

Campus Beautification Fund

The Campus Beautification Fund helps to maintain the appeal of our campus so that residents can enjoy where they live and the beauty of the grounds while keeping amenities up-to-date for all to use. Let’s do our part to make RPP more environmentally friendly by providing transportation to our residents and staff with an electric vehicle. Gifts to RPP to purchase an electric vehicle not only improve the quality of life for our RPP community but the whole planet benefits as well!

Memory Support Fund

This fund was established to provide resources that will support person-centered interventions for Residents experiencing memory loss or cognitive impairment, and education for their family members. Roland Park Place has established a Memory and Music program designed to provide a personalized music program for Residents experiencing dementia. This program has shown consistent, positive results since being implemented.

Resident Assistance Fund

The Resident Assistance Fund provides a ready source of funds to cover the needs of Residents who have outlived their resources. Roland Park Place will never ask any Resident to leave due to an uncontrollable financial inability to pay. This is made possible by the Resident Assistance Fund, just one of the many vehicles by which generous donors can give to Roland Park Place.

Employee Hardship Fund

In keeping with our core values, Roland Park Place established the Employee Hardship Fund in June 2020. This Fund originated at the suggestion of residents and staff of Roland Park Place and reflects their desire to provide financial support to employees when they experience times of need. This Fund is supported by donations from employees, residents, families of residents, and other concerned individuals.

Roland Park Place’s Director of Philanthropy can assist donors and their advisors with matching their philanthropic, estate, and financial planning objectives to Roland Park Place’s funding needs and opportunities. Because we are a not-for-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization, gifts to Roland Park Place can receive tax benefits. For information regarding the Roland Park Place Philanthropy Program and for assistance on directing your donations in the most meaningful way, please contact Michelle Lacey at 410-243-4848 or mlacey@rpplace.org.

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Michelle Lacey
Director of Philanthropy

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