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What is a CCRC?

When starting on your journey to move into independent living, you will come across the acronym CCRC. Continuing care retirement communities (CCRC) provide a place for you to get the care you need without ever moving again. It is independent living, assisted living, healthcare, and memory care all rolled into one! Not everyone will need all of these services, but living at CCRC can give you peace of mind that you will receive the level of care you need. A CCRC’s fee schedule is different than other independent living communities. A CCRC requires an accommodation fee upfront and monthly service fees. RPP has three different contract types that determine the accommodation fee and the monthly fee. These prices are also set on the square footage of the apartment you are moving into. As the size of the apartment increases so do the fees. At RRP, the most popular contract is the Type A Life Care declining balance accommodation fee starts at $215,000 and is the most affordable option upfront. It also keeps your future healthcare costs stable, however, this option preserves the least of your estate. If you would like to maintain a larger estate, Type  A 90% refundable contract starts at $374,000 with monthly service fees starting at $3,900. As the name of the contract describes your estate will receive 90% of your accommodation fee. Our newest contract is the Type C Fee-for-Service contract. These are a smart investment option for those who wish to pay less upfront while still maintaining the largest portion of their estate. These contracts start at $356,000 for 90% refundable accommodation fees and $2,700 monthly service fees, with healthcare costs increasing to market rates should they become necessary. Knowing that your healthcare needs will always be met, you will be able to experience the joy of independent living. The services and amenities of CCRC’s makes everyday fun and fulfilling. RPP offers services that are a part of your monthly fee such as:
  • Valet service
  • Bi-monthly housekeeping
  • Weekly linen service
  • A meal a day
  • Programs and Special events
  • IT Support
  • 24-hour Security
You get to enjoy the comforts of having everything at your finger tips. A trip to the gym is just a walk down the hallway. A gourmet dinner is always on the menu at our formal dining room. You even get your newspaper delivered to your door each morning. Why should you choose RPP as the CCRC to move to? You will need to wait for next week’s blog post to find out!