Residents Offer Encouraging Notes to Meal Donations

While elections and pandemics and all kinds of drama swirl around, some residents of Roland Park Place have taken the time to write notes for kids who receive breakfast and lunch bags from The Hunger Project.
The origin of the idea:
“A while ago, I saw on Facebook that a friend had asked her friends to write notes to the kids who lined up for the free breakfast and lunch bags given out by the Hunger project. She said it meant so much more to these children who used to get a free lunch and a free breakfast at school. I thought we could supply some of those messages, and even if it were only a drop in the bucket (they hand out 2300 a week!) a few children could have a little fun.
So I got some card stock and some colored pens, and asked a few people to make some cards, with an encouraging message. Barbara Bonnell, Elaine Schott, Elaine Logan, Anita Carrico, Lillian Burgunder and her nurse Catherine, Frannie Rubenstein, Caroline Williams and I started doing little pictures and writing a message . I don’t have a car, but my friend Kingsley picked up our collective effort.
Last week, of all things, I saw a message from another friend with a photo of s smiling little child holding up a transparent bag of goodies with Barbara Bonnell’s card shining through! Thrilling!”