The bottom line is happiness.

In assessing the cost of living in a retirement community such as Roland Park Place, it is important to first recognize the scope of what you stand to save in home ownership expenses.

From maintenance and real estate taxes to insurance and utilities, the emotional challenge of moving from a home you have cherished can be offset substantially by the bills you will no longer have.

At Roland Park Place, your wants and needs have been anticipated and your living expenses included—from cleaning services and dining to entertainment, recreation, and wellness programs.

Factor in the assurance of knowing that your healthcare needs will be expertly addressed right where you live, and you will start to recognize the true value of moving to Roland Park Place.

As a not-for-profit Life Plan community that is dedicated to serving the needs of its Residents, Roland Park Place strives to offer pricing that is commensurate with the quality of our offerings as well as a range of options to suit a variety of financial circumstances. Finally, as your financial advisor or tax accountant can verify, a significant percentage of your monthly fees are considered deductible as medical expenses under current IRS guidelines.

One bedroom apartments with accommodation fees starting at $213,700 with inclusive monthly service fees starting at $3,866. Two bedroom apartments with accommodation fees starting at $338,700 with inclusive monthly fees starting at $5,453.

Roland Park Place offers a life-care contract (also known as the Residence and Care Agreement) with either a Traditional declining balance accommodation fee or a Refund Option 90% refundable accommodation fee.

The choice is yours.

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