Vaccines for Residents

The remaining residents have now received their first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. This means all of the residents have had at least one dose and some have had both doses. About 75% of the employees have had at lease one dose. Everyone at Roland Park Place is hopeful for the future and residents couldn’t be happier!

Resident, Dr. Jack Zimmerman says it best:

“We are SO FORTUNATE to be living here at RPP.
Sam and Jen pulled a rabbit out of the hat to get us vaccinated on premises today.
Equally amazing was the marvelous logistics involved in making it go so smoothly. Getting all those moving parts to work together has to have been almost as complicated as putting a man in space.
The RPP staff was FANTASTIC in making us comfortable and safe.
Thanks to all involved Jack”

J. M. Zimmerman, MD, FACS