The Top Four Myths of Retiring in a Senior Living Community

You’ve probably heard the terms “senior citizen home”, or “old person’s home” thrown around in society. These terms are not only outdated, but they are a completely inaccurate description of what goes on in a senior living community. 

Modern senior living is so much more than what stereotypes have labeled it in the past. Residents who join communities, such as Roland Park Place, are seeking the freedom to live their lives on their own terms, but without the stress that goes along with taking care of a house. They also forfeit all the challenges that go along with aging in place such as difficulty getting to doctor appointments and the inability to be social, among many others. 

Get the real facts—while debunking the myths—and learn once and for all why an active senior living community is just the place you want to be when you retire.

Myth 1: There’s nothing to do. 

A common misconception of senior living is that residents will be bored while they’re living at the community with little to do. But today’s senior living communities offer an entire lifestyle, not just a place to stay. Residents’ lives are enriched with a strong sense of belonging, helping to provide meaning, purpose and joy. 

A well-rounded events and activity calendar ensures that residents’ days will be fulfilled emotionally, physically and socially. They’ll be able to participate in some of their favorite activities and find new friends, while also experiencing new hobbies. Broken up into categories that include Spiritual, Intellectual, and Psychosocial, the staff has left no stone unturned when creating an enriching experience for residents.

And senior living in Maryland comes with its perks – as Baltimore is full of history, culture and so much to do. Trips are also organized for residents to enjoy local attractions such as museums, movies, restaurants, shopping and libraries. There are also day trips to areas such as Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New York, and an annual trip to Ocean City, MD.  

Myth 2: Proper care isn’t provided. 

An independent living community has health services right on-site, so care is available as soon as residents require it. Even if you or your family member is in great physical shape, health scares do happen. And should an event like this occur at a continuing care community, the staff is available round-the-clock to deliver comprehensive services.

At Roland Park Place, residents can choose the level of care they receive based on their current needs, while also planning ahead for the future and anticipating potential needs. Learn more about some of the services offered below. 

Health Care Center: This care is available for residents who require attention that includes physical therapy or a nurse’s assistance. Staying in the Health Care Center, whether temporary or long-term, is included in a resident’s monthly service fee. They’ll be offered both short-term and long-term rehabilitation, where a highly qualified staff of professionals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Residential Care: A level of service and support is offered for those with physical challenges who are still comfortable living independently. Nursing staff will assist with their lifestyle to keep them safe and healthy without too much intervention.

Memory Care: A secure and enriching environment for residents who benefit from more personal and regular staff interactions with programs intended to enhance the experience of those with cognitive impairment. 

Additional health care services include physical therapy, an ambulatory care center and our personal assistance program. 

Myth 3: The food isn’t great.

The dining options available at Roland Park Place are anything but cafeteria food. Every meal is a special occasion, designed to accommodate every mood and palette. From casual fare to exquisite formal dining, each meal is specially crafted to deliver nutritional quality in a variety of ways to keep mealtime exciting.

Finding delicious food won’t be an issue at Roland Park Place – the main challenge will be choosing from the plentiful options. Enjoy a traditional dinner at The Landing, a casual meal at The Bistro where you can also grab food on the go, or meet friends and enjoy the game at No. 24 Pub. Enjoy a pastry, coffee or tea at The Coffee Shop. And if you have family or friends visiting that you’d like to host, use one of the several common spaces available on site. 

Myth 4: Seniors won’t have control of their lives. 

The term ‘independent living’ is the most literal form of the words. Residents will live the life that they desire, with options of what to do with their days laid out in front of them – all they have to do is choose. 

It’s all about choices here – from the floor plan of your home, to the health services you require and how you choose to spend your days. This community was designed for independent seniors and all that’s offered will reflect that. 

Communities such as Roland Park Place were designed to take the complications out of the residents’ lives, not control them. Now that you have a better understanding of why so many seniors are making senior living communities their homes, find out if Roland Park Place would be a good fit for you or your loved one. Check out our website or call us at 410-243-5700 for more information.