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RPP Fireman Appreciation

Since the Baltimore City Firefighters and Paramedics are always taking care of everyone else, members of the Community Involvement Committee,(CIC) at Roland Park Place thought it would be nice to do something kind for them. We feel that the work of the crews of Engine 21 and Medic 19 have been exemplary in their many visits to Roland Park Place. They have consistently been not only prompt but efficient, effective, and reassuring.  So on Friday, August 18, 2017, members of the Roland Park Place’s CIC honored members of The Roland Avenue Fire Engine 21 and Medic 19 with a special appreciation lunch as a way to say thank you for all of their hard work and kindness.  A bus load of staff members, board members and CIC members, including residents delivered a delicious lunch prepared by the chefs at Roland Park Place, along with a huge poster card, signed by dozens of residents and staff members.

The following people all joined in and made the delivery to the station:

  • Terry Snyder, President/CEO of Roland Park Place
  • Campbell Killefer, Chair of the RPP Board of Directors and member of the CIC
  • Norman Sensinger, Board of Directors, Member and Co-Chair of the CIC
  • Dr. Jack Zimmerman, RPP resident and former member of the RPP Board of Directors; current member of the Board’s Investment Committee
  • Lucy Holman, Board of Directors and CIC member
  • Jennifer Starfall Peeples, Board of Directors and CIC member
  • Trisha Heil, Sr. Executive Assistant to the President and CIC member
  • Mrs. Doris Zimmerman, RPP resident and chair of the RPP Residents’ Association
  • Bill O’Brien, RPP’s Director of Finance and CIC member
  • Reggie Stephens, RPP’s Director of Dining Services
  • Darren McDonnell, RPP’s Marketing Associate
  • Lisa Haynes, RPP’s Public Relations Specialist

We here at Roland Park Place feel that the firefighters and medics are always taking care of our nearly 300 residents and we want to let them know how much we appreciate their service. They respond to any alarms at our facility within a few minutes and are always kind and provide the best of care. We realize how splendidly firefighters do their tough job well. When an alarm sounds, they never know what danger they may face, but they work as if they love doing it. Responding to emergencies requires exceptional caring, commitment, and skill. The firefighters at Engine 21 demonstrate these qualities every day. A lunch is a very small gesture to thank these individuals for providing their services to members of the Roland Park Place community.

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