Ray Sweet, RPP Board Member Promoted

Roland Park Place is proud to share that a member of its Board of Directors, Ray Sweet, has been promoted to CEO of PSA Insurance and Financial Services. Mr. Sweet has served on the RPP board since 2018 and is a valuable member of its Finance and Investment Committees.

You can find the full story on the PSA website here…  https://www.psafinancial.com/2019/09/press-release-leadership-updates/?mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiWmpsalpHSm1aREU0WTJVeiIsInQiOiIyWlRUNlwvMlhwdjcyVStxcmtueVVGMVN1dlZyTHM4d3Z4cnNnZjh2dGF2XC9Cdm1KVkpEczdtbHVLZ01vU21yZ1hXRHpuQWZLRWgrSmtSQzMzRGE4eGVuMzFLU2gzZjlJQkR0Mm1ZdnFKTm1xRGxKdFpSMWp1aE5YTEE1Z0tkd24rIn0%3D

Congratulations on your new role, Ray!