Maintaining Your Healthy Lifestyle

You know how important it is to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle as you age. You also want to be able to achieve this healthful life with nutritional foods and wellness programs, without compromising your independence and freedom.

Roland Park Place understands this. And with the Grand Expansion now being built, there are more opportunities than ever to be a part of this community.

A Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), also referred to as a Life Plan Community, offers residents varying levels of care that are all available within one location. At Roland Park Place, residents are given so much more than just a place to live—they have access to independent living, assisted living, and other care alternatives. Residents can spend the rest of their lives feeling protected by all the comforts that it provides.

Roland Park Place kicked off the Grand Expansion to include eight new stories of living space, offering a new experience to senior living in Baltimore City. Residents will be able to enjoy the tall trees and stately streets of Roland Park, while having the freedom to peruse Hampden.

The Grand Expansion will focus on healthy living and wellness – including a variety of dining options and nutritional tips, on-site fitness activities and local parks for outdoor activities.

Find out more about the options available at Roland Park Place, and some tips to help you focus on wellness in your retirement years.

Healthy Dining Options Available

As we age, our metabolism slows down and the number of calories we need decreases. It’s important to pay attention to this because regular consumption of calories could lead to unhealthy weight gain. In addition to a slower metabolism, our bodies also require different nutrients than when we were younger.

Making healthy, nutritional choices won’t ever be an issue with the ease of access to healthy meals at Roland Park Place. We prioritized nutrition in the dining areas to support your overall wellness and make healthy meals readily available to you. The wide variety of dining options are offered within different atmospheres and menus to satisfy many appetites.

According to the National Council of Aging, your plate should look like a rainbow – with a lot of brightly colored foods. Meals should include:

  • Lean protein (lean meats, seafood, eggs, beans)
  • Fruits and vegetables (orange, red, green, purple)
  • Whole grains (brown rice, whole-wheat pasta)
  • Low-fat dairy (milk or alternatives)

As a part of the healthy lifestyle, we encourage, nutritional options are available in almost all of our dining options, as well as highlighting the importance of making nutritional choices for older adults. Our dining options currently include:

  • The Landing (coming soon)
    • Neighbors’ Bistro
    • The Coffee Shop
    • 24 Pub (coming soon)
    • Household dining space

Fitness and Wellness Accessibility at Roland Park Place

After taking careful consideration in providing healthy, nutritious meals for RPP residents, we encourage residents to familiarize themselves with the Fitness Center and wellness programs available to them.

It becomes more important than ever to keep up with physical fitness the older we get. However, those who are older may become less active, putting them at risk. Staying active as a senior will not only keep you feeling happier, it’s also necessary for preventing injuries and fighting off disease.

Residents can enhance their quality of life through the multiple fitness and wellness offerings at the Fitness Center, including fitness classes offered 6 days a week. RPP residents don’t look at these activities and programs just as exercise-  they see them as opportunities to take care of their minds and bodies while also having fun, lively experiences and engaging with others around them. Activities at Roland Park Place include:

  • Resident Walking Club
  • Specialized Group Fitness Classes
  • Aquatics Program
  • Roland Park Place Dance Studio

Easy Access to Offsite Parks and Lakes for outdoor activities

Of course, residents don’t have to limit themselves to the grounds of Roland Park Place to get their steps in. Parks and lakes are easily accessible for outdoor activities, also providing the opportunity to explore new environments beyond the campus.

Lake Roland 

Robert E. Lee Park/Lake Roland is  a multi-faceted facility with numerous trails, nature and environmental programs, a dog park, pavilions, and waterfront activities, such as canoeing and kayaking. It could serve as the perfect spot to spend time with loved ones, take in the fresh air, and enjoy the outdoors.

Wyman Park Dell

Wyman Park Dell is a landmark in Baltimore City made up of a rolling 16 acres of public park space. It’s most famously known for its sloping hills and sprawling lawns. It’s one of the few parks in Baltimore fully conceived and designed by the Olmsted Brothers, the landscape architecture firm responsible for the City’s first comprehensive park system plan in 1904. And with the full events calendar, residents are sure to find something that peaks their interest.

With a partner like Roland Park Place, your health and wellness will become a way of living, rather than something you’re worried about. When the Grand Expansion is complete, a dramatic eight-story addition will offer 58 spacious residences as well as a new dining venue, arts center and indoor parking. Other amenities to be added include an updated garden, a spa and salon, and a club room for private parties.

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