A video channel of current updates and information about Roland Park Place, our residents and staff, and our expansion. Among other things, you’ll find videos that touch upon our response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the solidarity with which our community has united.

At Roland Park Place, Community Matters. Here, you can clearly see why.

Updates from the Staff

Roland Park Place responds to COVID-19

Life at RPP during COVID-19

Keeping Residents Safe at Roland Park Place

Why Roland Park Place?

Lois Ernst was looking to move near her daughter and immediately knew the Roland Park Place was the place for her.

Judith Langenthal, a 4 year resident, shares what drew her to Roland Park Place.

For Ed Lotz, moving to Roland Park Place was a family decision, and with the help of the marketing team they were able to put a smart plan in place for himself and his wife.

As a former patient advisor at a nearby hospital, Pat Pathak knows what to look for when reviewing CCRCs, and Roland Park Place checks all the boxes.

Sally Freedman, a New York transplant, enjoys all the conveniences and activities at RPP.

Nancy Bradford, a 15 year resident, shares her decision to move to RPP and why she’s happy to be here now.

Family was a big factor in Anne Wyatt Brown’s decision to move to Roland Park Place. In fact, many of them are current or future residents!

Resident Reflections

Kitty Beyer shares her delight with the ways in which Roland Park Place is constantly adapting to uphold the expectations of residents.

The protocols in place at RPP are top notch, keeping the community safe and putting residents’ minds at ease.

The pandemic is of no concern to Nancy Bradford because she has complete confidence in the team at RPP.

Sally Freedman thinks about how life may be different if she stayed at home, and couldn’t be happier that she moved to Roland Park Place.

Activities & Programs

Activities and programs are always availble, even during the pandemic as resident Sally Freedman explains.

Ed Lotz enjoys the abundant activities at RPP, including the musical performances he can watch right from his apartment balcony.

The entertainment continues at Roland Park Place, albeit with masks and social distancing, but delightful nevertheless!

Continuum of Care

The quality of care at Roland Park Place is unmatched, which is even more evident during the pandemic.

Putting a plan in place has never been more important than now. Lois Ernst shares her perspective the quality of care at Roland Park Place as well as the comfort of knowing it’s all provided under one roof.

Sally Freedman knows from experience that the care at Roland Park Place is simply exceptional.

Pat Pathak describes the peace of mind both he and his family feel knowing that there are multiple levels of care available all under one roof.

Meet Our Residents

Ambadas “Pat” Pathak
Resident | 3 Years

Loretta Schaeffer
Resident | 2 Years

Judith Langenthal
Resident | 4 Years

Ed Lotz
Resident | 5 Years

Sally Freedman
Resident | 13 Years

Nancy Bradford
Resident | 15 Years

Robert Greenfield
Resident | 10 Years

Lois Ernst
Resident | 3.5 Years

Anne Wyatt Brown
Resident | 10 Years

Kitty Beyer

Clive Shiff
Resident | 1.5 Years

Future Residents

Meet future residents The Deasys and hear why they’re excited to move to the Grand Expansion of Roland Park Place.

Community Spotlight

President Sam Guedouar meets with Melissa from Life Among the Tulips to share information about Roland Park Place

Roland Park Place grounds

RPP - Cottage Outside
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