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What is a CCRC?

When starting on your journey to move into independent living, you will come across the acronym CCRC. Continuing care retirement communities (CCRC) provide a place for you to get the care you need without ever moving again. It is independent living, assisted living, healthcare, and memory care all rolled into one! Not everyone will need all of these services, but living at CCRC can give you peace of mind that you will receive the level of care you need. A CCRC’s fee schedule is different than other independent living communities. A CCRC requires an accommodation fee upfront and monthly service fees. RPP has three different contract types that determine the accommodation fee and the monthly fee. These prices are also set on the square footage of the apartment you are moving into. As the size of the apartment increases so do the fees. At RRP, the most popular contract is the Type A Life Care declining balance accommodation fee starts at $215,000 and is the most affordable option upfront. It also keeps your future healthcare costs stable, however, this option preserves the least of your estate. If you would like to maintain a larger estate, Type  A 90% refundable contract starts at $374,000 with monthly service fees starting at $3,900. As the name of the contract describes your estate will receive 90% of your accommodation fee. Our newest contract is the Type C Fee-for-Service contract. These are a smart investment option for those who wish to pay less upfront while still maintaining the largest portion of their estate. These contracts start at $356,000 for 90% refundable accommodation fees and $2,700 monthly service fees, with healthcare costs increasing to market rates should they become necessary. Knowing that your healthcare needs will always be met, you will be able to experience the joy of independent living. The services and amenities of CCRC’s makes everyday fun and fulfilling. RPP offers services that are a part of your monthly fee such as:
  • Valet service
  • Bi-monthly housekeeping
  • Weekly linen service
  • A meal a day
  • Programs and Special events
  • IT Support
  • 24-hour Security
You get to enjoy the comforts of having everything at your finger tips. A trip to the gym is just a walk down the hallway. A gourmet dinner is always on the menu at our formal dining room. You even get your newspaper delivered to your door each morning. Why should you choose RPP as the CCRC to move to? You will need to wait for next week’s blog post to find out!

Fall Adventures in Baltimore

Don’t let the cold air and shorter days stop you from exploring the best parts of Baltimore this fall! Here are three activities that are guaranteed to be a highlight this season.   Baltimore’s homegrown jewelry maker and designer, Betty Cooke, has an exhibit at The Walters Art Museum. Her pieces are wearable art that residents love to wear to celebrations or to an elegant dinner in the Landing. Just a quick drive from RPP, the Walters is free for all and features art from ancient Egypt to nineteenth century Europe. Bring the whole family for an afternoon out to the museum. Gourmands can feast at The Food Market on Hampden’s 36th street. Their fall menu features pumpkin throughout with an array of seafood and meat. Going out with a group of friends with very specific tastes? The Food Market has gluten-free and vegetarian options filled with flavors from around the world. The lobster mac and cheese is a must have. Make a reservation, this spot fills up fast! Need to escape to nature? Druid Hill Park is home to The Maryland Zoo and great walking trails, however, the jewel is The Rawlings Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. On a chilly day the Conservatory is warm and full of blooming plants. Each room transport you to another country from deserts to tropical rain forests. Halloween lovers can take a tour of their carnivorous plant display with a curator. RPP offers trips around and outside Baltimore for residents. We are only half way through the month and residents have tasted wine at a vineyard, listened to live music at the BSO, and visited three different art museums.

Beating the Summer Heat

With the heat index in the 100s, we are keeping it cool with fun indoor activities during the day.   We have been…

visiting museums,


working on our summer reading lists,


and eating snow balls!

Visit the Grand Expansion

We have a two bedroom apartment in our Grand Expansion all set up waiting for you to visit. This unit is on the first floor facing into the courtyard, perfect for dog owners. There are units on all floors available to buy with views facing into the courtyard or the cityscape.

Open Concept Kitchen, Dining, and Living

Spacious Living Room

Main Bedroom fits a King size bed

Tons of Storage in the Bathroom

A Meditation on Wellness

Your physical health is just the beginning when it comes to wellness. At Roland Park Place, we focus on six elements of wellness.







  Many activities and programs we plan for our residents cover more than one element, such as our weekly meditation class.

Kathy, our meditation and yoga instructor, guides the participants through 45 minutes of breath work and visualization to calm their minds. The effect is immediate! Our residents leave the class feeling centered and calm. This practice helps residents support their spiritual, intellectual, and physical wellness. Meditation is especially impactful for seniors because it preserves the brain’s gray matter  and reduces inflammation.

President, Sam Guedouar, Featured in Baltimore Magazine

RPP President, Sam Guedouar, is featured as the face of metropolitan senior living in this month’s issue of Baltimore Magazine. From Baltimore Magazine When Sam Guedouar took leadership of Roland Park Place, he brought lots of relevant experience, having managed luxury hotels such as Westin, W Hotels, and Marriott for 20 years. “I figured if I could make a difference for hotel guests by providing exceptional hospitality for one or two nights, I can make a difference in residents’ lives by providing the unparalleled services and amenities that luxury hotels offer.” Roland Park Place offers independent living apartments, assisted living apartments, and private suites for memory care, long-term care, and short-term rehab, as well as providing trips, lectures, wellness, entertainment, and dining experiences. “We are passionate about reaching our residents on a personal level,” says Guedouar, who holds advanced degrees in hospitality and healthcare administration. “Everything we do is focused on the unique needs of residents.”    

Library Working Group Going Strong

What’s open 24/7 and has over two thousand books? The Roland Park Library! To keep the library running smoothly, the Library Working Group works seven days a week cataloging, record keeping, and shelving. Made up of seven Roland Park Place residents and headed by Mrs. McCarthy, residents have access to the newest bestsellers, biographies, literature, and more. The group orders four books twice a month then catalogues and processes the books. While mystery and biography are the most popular, residents can request books to be added to the library. To keep the library in tip-top shape, each member has a weekday assigned to them when they organize the shelves and keep track of the returns and checkouts. The library is popular during the night as residents love to borrow a book to read before bed.  
Interior of Bus with Driver Waving Hello

Wave “Hello” to More Trips and Outings

  With 100% of Residents vaccinated, trips and outings are starting to increase. Today, we continued our weekly trip to Giant so Residents could stock up on food and home goods. Flowers were a popular buy this trip. Our other favorite grocery stores in the area are Trader Joe’s and Eddies. This May is full of cultural outings. The warm weather means day trips to Hillwood and Winterthur to view their lush gardens. For those who wish to enjoy history and the outdoors, there is a trip to Historic St. Mary’s City that features a tour.  Our artistic community is excited to visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art to view works by artists such as Mary Cassatt and Andy Warhol. Our 2021 summer will be full of fun exploration.

Yellow Tulips on front desk cart

The Easter Bunny Visits RPP

The Easter Bunny never misses a chance to spend time with the best residents in the world. Roland Park Place wishes everyone a very happy holiday!  

The Fine Art Collection Grows

Now there’s a guide book to help you navigate the fine art collection at Roland Park Place. We’ll be updating this often as new donations of beautiful and interesting original art continue to come in.