A Meditation on Wellness

Your physical health is just the beginning when it comes to wellness. At Roland Park Place, we focus on six elements of wellness.








Many activities and programs we plan for our residents cover more than one element, such as our weekly meditation class.

Kathy, our meditation and yoga instructor, guides the participants through 45 minutes of breath work and visualization to calm their minds. The effect is immediate! Our residents leave the class feeling centered and calm. This practice helps residents support their spiritual, intellectual, and physical wellness. Meditation is especially impactful for seniors because it preserves the brain’s gray matter  and reduces inflammation.

President, Sam Guedouar, Featured in Baltimore Magazine

RPP President, Sam Guedouar, is featured as the face of metropolitan senior living in this month’s issue of Baltimore Magazine.

From Baltimore Magazine

When Sam Guedouar took leadership of Roland Park Place, he brought lots of relevant experience, having managed luxury hotels such as Westin, W Hotels, and Marriott for 20 years. “I figured if I could make a difference for hotel guests by providing exceptional hospitality for one or two nights, I can make a difference in residents’ lives by providing the unparalleled services and amenities that luxury hotels offer.” Roland Park Place offers independent living apartments, assisted living apartments, and private suites for memory care, long-term care, and short-term rehab, as well as providing trips, lectures, wellness, entertainment, and dining experiences. “We are passionate about reaching our residents on a personal level,” says Guedouar, who holds advanced degrees in hospitality and healthcare administration. “Everything we do is focused on the unique needs of residents.”



Library Working Group Going Strong

What’s open 24/7 and has over two thousand books?

The Roland Park Library!

To keep the library running smoothly, the Library Working Group works seven days a week cataloging, record keeping, and shelving. Made up of seven Roland Park Place residents and headed by Mrs. McCarthy, residents have access to the newest bestsellers, biographies, literature, and more.

The group orders four books twice a month then catalogues and processes the books. While mystery and biography are the most popular, residents can request books to be added to the library. To keep the library in tip-top shape, each member has a weekday assigned to them when they organize the shelves and keep track of the returns and checkouts.

The library is popular during the night as residents love to borrow a book to read before bed.


Interior of Bus with Driver Waving Hello

Wave “Hello” to More Trips and Outings


With 100% of Residents vaccinated, trips and outings are starting to increase. Today, we continued our weekly trip to Giant so Residents could stock up on food and home goods. Flowers were a popular buy this trip. Our other favorite grocery stores in the area are Trader Joe’s and Eddies.

This May is full of cultural outings. The warm weather means day trips to Hillwood and Winterthur to view their lush gardens. For those who wish to enjoy history and the outdoors, there is a trip to Historic St. Mary’s City that features a tour.  Our artistic community is excited to visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art to view works by artists such as Mary Cassatt and Andy Warhol. Our 2021 summer will be full of fun exploration.

Yellow Tulips on front desk cart

The Easter Bunny Visits RPP

The Easter Bunny never misses a chance to spend time with the best residents in the world. Roland Park Place wishes everyone a very happy holiday!


The Fine Art Collection Grows

Now there’s a guide book to help you navigate the fine art collection at Roland Park Place. We’ll be updating this often as new donations of beautiful and interesting original art continue to come in.

Roland Park Place Street Sign

A Message From a Grateful Resident

Below is a lovely message of thanks from a current resident to our Director of Rehab:

Dear Lindsay:

Thank you so much for your wonderful care of me during speech therapy.  It was especially nice to find that you understood my needs so well.  I appreciate your effectiveness in delving into my particular needs.  Without your encouragement and questioning skills, I would not have been able to express my needs.  Below is some of what I learned:

  1. I improved in my ability to find the words I desire to use.
  2. You taught me to be less embarrassed when I couldn’t find the word I wanted.
  3. I was having a problem remembering all my appointments and obligations each day.  You devised an easy to use system within my appointment book that solved my problem.
  4. I learned to complete each task before I started the next task, therefore not forgetting what I had first started to do..
  5. You encouraged me to slow down in all thinking aspects, allowing for less mistakes.
  6. You helped me understand how to verbally deal with each resident, from the very competent to those who are quite verbally impaired.
  7. I learned to let other speakers complete their thoughts before I spoke.
  8. I now try to eliminate tangential comments.



Thanks for your help!

Elaine R.


ART Committee oversees the installation of original artwork

The Roland Park Place ART Committee is comprised of retired professionals from various art backgrounds including artists, curators, art historians and interior designers. Roland Park Place is fortunate to have the guidance of the committee who, with the approval of the Resident Council, recommends the acquisition and placement of original art throughout the Roland Park Place community.  The committee reviews offers of art donations for artistic merit, appropriateness for available space and a number of other relevant factors before accepting new pieces. Roland Park Place is also fortunate to be home to several talented artists who will undoubtedly find new inspiration in the upcoming expansive art studio that will be part of the building extension scheduled to open in the summer of 2021.

“Some people will tell you there is a great deal of poetry and fine sentiment in a chest of tea.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Residents at Roland Park Place aren’t bored during the pandemic. In part because of opportunities like Saturday afternoon tea, complete with finger sandwiches, scones and clotted cream. Everyone appreciates a chance to gather for a nice cup of tea, fine conversation and delightful delicacies for nibbling.

Roland Park Place

Discover The Grand Expansion at Roland Park Place

In 2020, senior living in Baltimore, MD will be enhanced with a state-of-the-art, luxurious new community. This is because of “The Grand Expansion,” which is underway as we speak at Roland Park Place—the metropolitan senior living community that is once again setting the standard for Maryland retirement communities.

During The Grand Expansion, Roland Park Place will add 58 new apartments in an eight-story tower. New residents will enjoy beautiful, modern homes while living in a vibrant, tight-knit community which, now in its fourth decade of existence, is just getting started.

Beyond new living spaces, the Roland Park Place expansion will also feature a new dining venue, arts center, indoor parking, garden, salon and spa, and club room for private parties.

Read on to learn all you need to know about The Grand Expansion—and how to take the next steps if you think Roland Park Place might be the senior living community for you or your loved ones.

Grand Plans

One of the primary aspects of The Grand Expansion is the choice new residents will have to select a floor plan for their living spaces. With numerous configurations and sizes available, new residents will be able to pick the arrangement that best suits their needs.

Would you want one bedroom for your future home, or two? How about balcony space, an open kitchen, a walk-in closet, or a spectacular view? The choice can be yours at Roland Park Place. Time is of the essence, however; a number of the floor plan options have already sold out!

Some of the new options include:

  • The Beechdale and Kittery 1 apartments, which are the only two one-bedroom apartments still available—and even they are almost gone.
  • The Deepdene apartment, a two-bedroom model on the first and second floors that’s ideal for entertaining.
  • The Hawthorn apartments, which feature ample space and gorgeous master bedrooms.
  • The Longwood apartment, which has more than 35 feet of balcony space.

This is just a sampling of what you can find. If you’re interested in learning more details about these and other floor plan configurations, visit the new floor plans page on our website.

Phenomenal Features

Seniors who are about to join the Roland Park Place community will experience the best in Baltimore senior living. Roland Park Place’s amenities are second to none, and together they create an enriching, full lifestyle for the community’s residents.

At RPP, residents can be independent as much as they want, but many residents spend the bulk of their time with their friends and neighbors in the community’s numerous social spaces. Take, for example, the Stone Hill Arts Studio—a multi-purpose center designed to help residents express their creative passions. Or the Kraushaar Library, which has a wide range of titles and large print options. Or the Beauty Salon, which offers services for men and women including haircuts and styling, manicures and pedicures, and—through the Fitness and Aquatics Center—therapeutic massage services.

These features contribute to the overall well-being of RPP’s residents by providing key areas for entertainment, socialization, and mental engagement. Numerous medical studies have shown how important it is for seniors to be physically, socially, and mentally active, and The Grand Expansion will continue Roland Park Place’s longstanding tradition of excellence in these areas.

Sterling Services

Any quality CCRC or Life Plan Community offers strong services for its residents—but RPP is not just any CCRC. In addition to the amenities above, Roland Park Place provides 24-hour security for its residents, so peace of mind is a way of life. RPP’s receptionists, valets, and security staff are all highly qualified, friendly, and helpful. They can schedule wake-up calls for you, help you with package and grocery delivery, and provide valuable information on things to do in the area.

Additionally, Roland Park Place offers on-campus parking for any residents who drive their own vehicles—and valet parking 24 hours a day. Parking costs are factored into residents’ monthly fees, so there are no hidden costs, and if it snows during the winter, RPP handles snow removal so residents never have to dig their cars out themselves.

Residents enjoy banking services at RPP as well, with a full-service, FDIC-insured, commercial bank branch of The Columbia Bank, open five days a week. There’s also an Evergreen Boutique—a private convenience store stocked with useful items—and sedan service transportation to all weekly medical appointments within a 10-mile radius of campus.

These services differentiate Roland Park Place from other senior living communities in the Baltimore, MD area, and The Grand Expansion will only serve to increase that distinction.

Want to Experience the Best in Baltimore Senior Living?

If you or your loved ones are considering moving to a senior living community, Roland Park Place has much to offer—especially now that The Grand Expansion is nearing the finish line.

For more information, contact Roland Park Place at 410-243-5700, or visit our website to learn more. And of course, you are more than welcome to schedule a visit!