A Valuable Perspective podcast featuring RPP resident Dr. Sol Snyder

Listen to RPP resident, Dr. Sol Snyder describe his pioneering research in the identification of receptors for neurotransmitters and drugs and the explanation of the actions of psychotropic agents.

Dr. Snyder is a distinguished professor of neuroscience, pharmacology, and psychiatry and is founder of the Solomon H. Snyder Department of Neuroscience at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

You can listen to the podcast here:


Welcome to New RPP President, Sam Guedouar!

Roland Park Place is thrilled to announce our new president, Sam Guedoaur.

With a strong background in hospitality, Guedouar has nearly 10 years of experience leading continuing care retirement communities, most recently in Fort Myers, Florida. Preceding his profession in the health care industry, Mr. Guedouar held a long career in hospitality, serving as the general manager to numerous upscale and luxury hotels throughout the United States. Mr. Guedouar holds a master’s degree in health care administration from Utica College and a bachelor’s degree in community and health services from the State University of New York, as well as a degree in hospitality and tourism from the University of Paris, Sorbonne.

RPP’s residents, board of directors, management and staff are all pleased to begin working with Sam starting Friday, February 28th.

Terry D. Snyder

A fond farewell to outgoing RPP President, Terry Snyder

At the end of February, Roland Park Place will say goodbye to our president of sixteen years, Terry Snyder. Terry has been a steadfast leader for the almost half of RPP’s history and has overseen a renovation and the start of an expansion project. She will be truly missed, but we wish her well in her retirement.

The Top Four Myths of Retiring in a Senior Living Community

You’ve probably heard the terms “senior citizen home”, or “old person’s home” thrown around in society. These terms are not only outdated, but they are a completely inaccurate description of what goes on in a senior living community. 

Modern senior living is so much more than what stereotypes have labeled it in the past. Residents who join communities, such as Roland Park Place, are seeking the freedom to live their lives on their own terms, but without the stress that goes along with taking care of a house. They also forfeit all the challenges that go along with aging in place such as difficulty getting to doctor appointments and the inability to be social, among many others. 

Get the real facts—while debunking the myths—and learn once and for all why an active senior living community is just the place you want to be when you retire.

Myth 1: There’s nothing to do. 

A common misconception of senior living is that residents will be bored while they’re living at the community with little to do. But today’s senior living communities offer an entire lifestyle, not just a place to stay. Residents’ lives are enriched with a strong sense of belonging, helping to provide meaning, purpose and joy. 

A well-rounded events and activity calendar ensures that residents’ days will be fulfilled emotionally, physically and socially. They’ll be able to participate in some of their favorite activities and find new friends, while also experiencing new hobbies. Broken up into categories that include Spiritual, Intellectual, and Psychosocial, the staff has left no stone unturned when creating an enriching experience for residents.

And senior living in Maryland comes with its perks – as Baltimore is full of history, culture and so much to do. Trips are also organized for residents to enjoy local attractions such as museums, movies, restaurants, shopping and libraries. There are also day trips to areas such as Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New York, and an annual trip to Ocean City, MD.  

Myth 2: Proper care isn’t provided. 

An independent living community has health services right on-site, so care is available as soon as residents require it. Even if you or your family member is in great physical shape, health scares do happen. And should an event like this occur at a continuing care community, the staff is available round-the-clock to deliver comprehensive services.

At Roland Park Place, residents can choose the level of care they receive based on their current needs, while also planning ahead for the future and anticipating potential needs. Learn more about some of the services offered below. 

Health Care Center: This care is available for residents who require attention that includes physical therapy or a nurse’s assistance. Staying in the Health Care Center, whether temporary or long-term, is included in a resident’s monthly service fee. They’ll be offered both short-term and long-term rehabilitation, where a highly qualified staff of professionals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Residential Care: A level of service and support is offered for those with physical challenges who are still comfortable living independently. Nursing staff will assist with their lifestyle to keep them safe and healthy without too much intervention.

Memory Care: A secure and enriching environment for residents who benefit from more personal and regular staff interactions with programs intended to enhance the experience of those with cognitive impairment. 

Additional health care services include physical therapy, an ambulatory care center and our personal assistance program. 

Myth 3: The food isn’t great.

The dining options available at Roland Park Place are anything but cafeteria food. Every meal is a special occasion, designed to accommodate every mood and palette. From casual fare to exquisite formal dining, each meal is specially crafted to deliver nutritional quality in a variety of ways to keep mealtime exciting.

Finding delicious food won’t be an issue at Roland Park Place – the main challenge will be choosing from the plentiful options. Enjoy a traditional dinner at The Landing, a casual meal at The Bistro where you can also grab food on the go, or meet friends and enjoy the game at No. 24 Pub. Enjoy a pastry, coffee or tea at The Coffee Shop. And if you have family or friends visiting that you’d like to host, use one of the several common spaces available on site. 

Myth 4: Seniors won’t have control of their lives. 

The term ‘independent living’ is the most literal form of the words. Residents will live the life that they desire, with options of what to do with their days laid out in front of them – all they have to do is choose. 

It’s all about choices here – from the floor plan of your home, to the health services you require and how you choose to spend your days. This community was designed for independent seniors and all that’s offered will reflect that. 

Communities such as Roland Park Place were designed to take the complications out of the residents’ lives, not control them. Now that you have a better understanding of why so many seniors are making senior living communities their homes, find out if Roland Park Place would be a good fit for you or your loved one. Check out our website or call us at 410-243-5700 for more information.

Building New Connections At the Grand Expansion of Roland Park Place

In Spring 2021, when Roland Park Place’s Grand Expansion opens—with 58 new apartments in an eight-story tower—the metropolitan senior living community will offer far more than just beautiful apartments; it will open up opportunities to build quality friendships, explore new places, and make fulfilling social and intellectual connections in the greater Baltimore community.

Metropolitan senior living in Baltimore City offers so much to today’s seniors, and the community at Roland Park Place embraces everything the Baltimore area has to offer—from lifestyle amenities at Roland Park Place to the possibilities of Downtown Baltimore, Charm City neighborhoods, and all kinds of activities at your doorstep.

To learn more about the vibrant Baltimore lifestyle seniors can experience at Roland Park Place, read on!

Charm City Living

The Grand Expansion at Roland Park Place is all about maximizing your lifestyle, so you can enjoy yourself and be healthy, active, and socially engaged. The amenities, services, and activities on the Roland Park Place campus make this possible—and the community’s proximity to all that Baltimore has to offer makes for an ideal independent living scenario.

At Roland Park Place, seniors benefit from top-of-the-line amenities and services, such as:

  • Stone Hill Arts Studio
  • Kruashaar Library
  • Beauty Salon
  • Evergreen Boutique
  • Fitness and Aquatics Center
  • 24-hour Security
  • Receptionists and Valets
  • On-Campus Parking
  • Full-Service Banking
  • Sedan Transportation Service

Also, as part of the Grand Expansion, Roland Park Place has added a 4,140 square foot Arts and Education Center, complete with an updated library and a 32-seat, multi-tiered theater for seminars, films, live entertainment, and lectures.

These amenities and services provide a welcoming, luxurious, and convenient way of life for Maryland seniors. 

Additionally, Roland Park Place is known for fostering a strong sense of community, with activities for entertainment, mental engagement, and socialization all playing a part in enriching residents’ lives. Many of these activities focus on the health and wellbeing—both mental and physical—of residents. From a comprehensive physical wellness program to group classes, Senior Fitness Specialists, the Walking Club, Resident Gardening Areas, and more, the community ensures that residents have everything they need to be comfortable.

With so much going on, it’s no surprise that new residents at Roland Park Place form such fast and strong friendships with like-minded community members. The campus has a neighborhood feel where people can enjoy personal time as much as they like, but where they can also engage with their friends and neighbors and feel valued as part of a real Baltimore home.

Life Off-Campus

Thanks to everything Roland Park Place has to offer, residents can experience rich, full day-to-day lives without leaving the campus—but whenever they do want to venture outside the senior living community, Roland Park Place’s seniors have all of Baltimore to explore.

For starters, there’s Downtown Baltimore—the heart of Charm City. The blossoming local culture, dining, entertainment, shopping, and arts scene is ready and waiting to be explored. 

Baltimore’s world-famous Inner Harbor is even closer and is a historic seaport that offers several museums and the National Aquarium. And located directly beside the Inner Harbor is Harbor East, complete with trendy shops and delicious seafood. If you’ve never had Maryland’s signature blue claw crabs or crab cakes with Old Bay seasoning—Harbor East is the place for you.

The greater Baltimore area has other neighborhoods as well, and each has its own nuances and delights: 

  • Mount Vernon can transport visitors back in time to America’s colonial era with history and architecture well worth the visit. 
  • Hampden offers an up-and-coming, artsy vibe full of independent shops, restaurants, cocktail bars, and all things “hip”—especially on the main boulevard, 36th Street.
  • The Fell’s Point neighborhood mixes colonial-era buildings with modern accents centered around Broadway Square, with its farmer’s market, boutiques, and local watering holes. 
  • The Station North Arts and Entertainment District—better known as Station North—includes the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Parkway Film Center, numerous street murals, the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), and more.

Whenever Roland Park Place’s residents feel like it, they head to these neighborhoods to live the good life and pursue their goals of lifelong learning and exploration.

There’s so much to do in and around Baltimore, with local events happening all the time. Orioles’ games at Camden Yards, the Maryland Film Festival, the Maryland Zoo, museum after museum, live concerts, local markets—these are just some of the things Roland Park Place’s seniors enjoy, whether on their own or with their partners, families, and friends.

Some of the residents also get involved in local volunteering events and programs; from animal shelters to home rebuilding, tree planting, and more, there are plenty of opportunities for residents to participate in and give back to the community.

Come See Baltimore Senior Living for Yourself

If Roland Park Place and Baltimore seem like they might be the right fit for you or your loved ones, come discover more about senior living at a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC). To learn more about the community and start planning your future, call 667-219-2111 to schedule a personal appointment.


Nancy Holder Featured on Latest RPP-WYPR Podcast

Listen in to the latest WYPR podcast featuring Roland Park Place resident, Nancy Holder. Mrs. Holder talks about her years of community service working with children and adolescence.

Maintaining Your Healthy Lifestyle

You know how important it is to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle as you age. You also want to be able to achieve this healthful life with nutritional foods and wellness programs, without compromising your independence and freedom.

Roland Park Place understands this. And with the Grand Expansion now being built, there are more opportunities than ever to be a part of this community.

A Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), also referred to as a Life Plan Community, offers residents varying levels of care that are all available within one location. At Roland Park Place, residents are given so much more than just a place to live—they have access to independent living, assisted living, and other care alternatives. Residents can spend the rest of their lives feeling protected by all the comforts that it provides.

Roland Park Place kicked off the Grand Expansion to include eight new stories of living space, offering a new experience to senior living in Baltimore City. Residents will be able to enjoy the tall trees and stately streets of Roland Park, while having the freedom to peruse Hampden.

The Grand Expansion will focus on healthy living and wellness – including a variety of dining options and nutritional tips, on-site fitness activities and local parks for outdoor activities.

Find out more about the options available at Roland Park Place, and some tips to help you focus on wellness in your retirement years.

Healthy Dining Options Available

As we age, our metabolism slows down and the number of calories we need decreases. It’s important to pay attention to this because regular consumption of calories could lead to unhealthy weight gain. In addition to a slower metabolism, our bodies also require different nutrients than when we were younger.

Making healthy, nutritional choices won’t ever be an issue with the ease of access to healthy meals at Roland Park Place. We prioritized nutrition in the dining areas to support your overall wellness and make healthy meals readily available to you. The wide variety of dining options are offered within different atmospheres and menus to satisfy many appetites.

According to the National Council of Aging, your plate should look like a rainbow – with a lot of brightly colored foods. Meals should include:

  • Lean protein (lean meats, seafood, eggs, beans)
  • Fruits and vegetables (orange, red, green, purple)
  • Whole grains (brown rice, whole-wheat pasta)
  • Low-fat dairy (milk or alternatives)

As a part of the healthy lifestyle, we encourage, nutritional options are available in almost all of our dining options, as well as highlighting the importance of making nutritional choices for older adults. Our dining options currently include:

  • The Landing (coming soon)
    • Neighbors’ Bistro
    • The Coffee Shop
    • 24 Pub (coming soon)
    • Household dining space

Fitness and Wellness Accessibility at Roland Park Place

After taking careful consideration in providing healthy, nutritious meals for RPP residents, we encourage residents to familiarize themselves with the Fitness Center and wellness programs available to them.

It becomes more important than ever to keep up with physical fitness the older we get. However, those who are older may become less active, putting them at risk. Staying active as a senior will not only keep you feeling happier, it’s also necessary for preventing injuries and fighting off disease.

Residents can enhance their quality of life through the multiple fitness and wellness offerings at the Fitness Center, including fitness classes offered 6 days a week. RPP residents don’t look at these activities and programs just as exercise-  they see them as opportunities to take care of their minds and bodies while also having fun, lively experiences and engaging with others around them. Activities at Roland Park Place include:

  • Resident Walking Club
  • Specialized Group Fitness Classes
  • Aquatics Program
  • Roland Park Place Dance Studio

Easy Access to Offsite Parks and Lakes for outdoor activities

Of course, residents don’t have to limit themselves to the grounds of Roland Park Place to get their steps in. Parks and lakes are easily accessible for outdoor activities, also providing the opportunity to explore new environments beyond the campus.

Lake Roland 

Robert E. Lee Park/Lake Roland is  a multi-faceted facility with numerous trails, nature and environmental programs, a dog park, pavilions, and waterfront activities, such as canoeing and kayaking. It could serve as the perfect spot to spend time with loved ones, take in the fresh air, and enjoy the outdoors.

Wyman Park Dell

Wyman Park Dell is a landmark in Baltimore City made up of a rolling 16 acres of public park space. It’s most famously known for its sloping hills and sprawling lawns. It’s one of the few parks in Baltimore fully conceived and designed by the Olmsted Brothers, the landscape architecture firm responsible for the City’s first comprehensive park system plan in 1904. And with the full events calendar, residents are sure to find something that peaks their interest.

With a partner like Roland Park Place, your health and wellness will become a way of living, rather than something you’re worried about. When the Grand Expansion is complete, a dramatic eight-story addition will offer 58 spacious residences as well as a new dining venue, arts center and indoor parking. Other amenities to be added include an updated garden, a spa and salon, and a club room for private parties.

Sign up to reserve your space today, or for more information, visit our website or call us at 410-243-5700.

RPP’s Latest Podcast Features Resident Nancy Bradford

The latest episode of Roland Park Place’s “A Valuable Perspective” podcast features resident Nancy Bradford who talks about her volunteer experience working with Turnaroud Tuesday. Mrs. Bradford is joined by RPP’s Vice President of Marketing and Community Life, Becki Bees.


Click here to listen in.







“A Valuable Perspective” features interviews with Roland Park Place residents as they share stories, experiences and viewpoints on a myriad of topics. Roland Park Place residents are perfectly positioned to share opinions and expertise on the questions, concerns and debates that are at the forefront of society today. 

Independent Senior Living

Senior Living In Roland Park: The First Garden Suburb

Roland Park, home to senior living community Roland Park Place, is located in north-central Baltimore, six miles from the Inner Harbor. This neighborhood is full of unique details, but arguably the most interesting of them all is that Roland Park was the first of its kind – a designed garden suburb.

The brains behind this historical town were the Olmstead brothers, two brothers comprising an influential landscape architectural firm, along with landscape architect and planner George Kessler. It was important to this team of designers to lay out the suburb in a way that left the natural beauty of the area undisturbed. This meant developing plans around the challenging terrain, designing hills, valleys, forests and open space.

By the 19th century, suburbs were an area where wealthy residents of city neighborhoods moved to. Roland Park was the catalyst for the Baltimore suburban movement. This landscape team paved the way for residential subdivisions to create deed restrictions to public areas, which are meant to preserve the historic landscape. These types of deeds later became a common tool used to maintain a high quality of design and standard of construction.

Today, the suburban feel of the neighborhood is still very present in Roland Park. It’s now home to 11,000 residents and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Narrow, winding roads are lined by single-family houses with a wide range of architectural styles. The area still holds its park-like setting and old school charm, giving its residents a unique and tight-knit feel.

Because this landscape was the first design of its kind, it’s taught in many university architecture classes. Today, students review how the Olmstead brothers and Kessler went about acquiring land, zoning, and determining the street layout. They dissect every aspect of the Roland Park project, from how drain pipes were selected to how the finished neighborhood was maintained.


Although the location of Roland Park is a quiet and relaxed section of Baltimore, you don’t have to go far for some excitement with the many attractions nearby.

Situated right within Roland Park is Sherwood Gardens, a free public garden made famous for its tulips that have bloomed abundantly each spring since 1920. Throughout the year, there are various family-friendly activities hosted in the gardens, such as concerts and other gatherings. Located near the gardens is the beginning of the Stony Run Path, a woodland walking trail parallel to the Stony Run stream, which runs toward the Inner Harbor.

Just a 15-minute drive from Roland Park place is Baltimore’s world-famous Inner Harbor. While the view alone is worth the trip, there are also lots of fun spots to check out with family and friends. Celebrate history in museums such as the Babe Ruth Birthplace Museum and the B&O Railroad Museum, or celebrate art at the Baltimore Museum of Art.

The National Aquarium is an attraction that tourists from across the country make the trip to see. From reefs to sea turtles to dolphins, the aquarium will keep you entertained and amazed for hours. Or get out on the water with a water taxi or the Spirit Cruise.

Active Community

Living in such a dynamic area promotes an active lifestyle that will allow you to feel your best and encourage daily movement. Physical fitness is even more important for seniors than for younger adults.

Scientific research has given increasing confirmation to the longstanding idea that seniors are better off when they stay active and involved in their communities as they age, as opposed to becoming inactive and isolated.

If you’re looking for a retirement community that promotes a healthy lifestyle and provides you what you need to achieve it, look no further than Roland Park Place. The neighborhood of Roland Park is reflected in many aspects of the retirement community, from the landscaping to the neighborhood feel. And when you want to explore the rest of the city, Roland Park Place has a full calendar of excursions to offer its residents.

If you agree that this kind of active, engaged lifestyle is the way that all Continuing Care Retirement Communities should be, you’ll fit right in. You’ll be a part of the unique history of Roland Park, and a member of a very welcoming independent living community–with a full continuum of care available to you should you need it.

Interested in Joining the Community?

To learn more about Roland Park Place and its Grand Expansion underway, please call 667-219-2111 to schedule a personal appointment today.

Jennifer Davis Earns Certification

Roland Park Place is pleased to share that Jennifer Davis, social worker for residents in the Health Care Center and Residential Care, recently received her LCSW-C (licensed certified social worker – clinical) certification.

Roland Park Place is grateful to have such skilled and dedicated team members on staff to serve its residents. It is always a pleasure for us to share their accomplishments.

Way to go, Jen!