President, Sam Guedouar, Featured in Baltimore Magazine

RPP President, Sam Guedouar, is featured as the face of metropolitan senior living in this month’s issue of Baltimore Magazine.

From Baltimore Magazine

When Sam Guedouar took leadership of Roland Park Place, he brought lots of relevant experience, having managed luxury hotels such as Westin, W Hotels, and Marriott for 20 years. “I figured if I could make a difference for hotel guests by providing exceptional hospitality for one or two nights, I can make a difference in residents’ lives by providing the unparalleled services and amenities that luxury hotels offer.” Roland Park Place offers independent living apartments, assisted living apartments, and private suites for memory care, long-term care, and short-term rehab, as well as providing trips, lectures, wellness, entertainment, and dining experiences. “We are passionate about reaching our residents on a personal level,” says Guedouar, who holds advanced degrees in hospitality and healthcare administration. “Everything we do is focused on the unique needs of residents.”



RPP Featured in Baltimore Magazine

Our staff and residents here at Roland Park Place were recently featured in Baltimore Magazine to discuss how they’ve been staying connected and supporting one another during this challenging time. They share how the community has worked together to prevent COVID-19, and the many ways we’ve been finding joy in the midst of it all. You can read the full story here:


Ray Sweet, RPP Board Member Promoted

Roland Park Place is proud to share that a member of its Board of Directors, Ray Sweet, has been promoted to CEO of PSA Insurance and Financial Services. Mr. Sweet has served on the RPP board since 2018 and is a valuable member of its Finance and Investment Committees.

You can find the full story on the PSA website here…

Congratulations on your new role, Ray!

What You Eat Can Impact How You Age

Jeremy Williams, Roland Park Place’s senior executive chef, was featured on WBFF Fox45 morning news show on July 16, 2019 to share some tips on what to add to your diet to age gracefully.
Check out the video clip here!

RPP’s Latest Podcast Features Clive Schiff

The latest episode of Roland Park Place’s “A Valuable Perspective” podcast features resident Dr. Clive Schiff. Listen in as Dr. Schiff describes his life of research with Johns Hopkins and developing his early interests growing up in Africa. Dr. Schiff is joined by RPP’s VP of Marketing and Community Life, Becki Bees. Click

or type into your browser bar to listen in now.

“A Valuable Perspective” is Roland Park Place’s monthly podcast program on WYPR radio. The show features RPP residents who share their stories, life experiences and viewpoints on a myriad of topics relevant to what’s currently on the minds of everyday listeners. 

Staff Longevity Recognition Luncheon Held

Several long-time RPP staff members were recognized for their length of service and dedication to Roland Park Place at a celebratory luncheon held in their honor on June 12, 2019. Several departments were represented, but all have the same goal… to make Roland Park Place a great place to live… and work!

Front row, l-r: Carita Thomas 5 years; Dennis Ratcliff 5 years; Veron McCausland-Mais 15 years; Rosemarie Scott-Griffith 5 years; and Becki Bees 15 years.

Top row, l-r: Janie Hershey 10 years; Ella Washington-Milligan 25 years; Dorothea Wilson 15 years; Dawn Lamb 25 years; Yolanda Downing 25 years; Juanita Jennings 25 years; TiShae Betters 5 years; Daniel Gooden 20 years.

Congratulations and thank you to all!


RPP Goes Red for Women!

Go Red for Women 2019!

RPP’s president, Terry Snyder is a member of the 2019 statewide GO RED for WOMEN Executive Leadership team for the Greater Baltimore American Heart Association.

As part of that team, Terry agreed to promote heart health awareness at work and in the community by spreading awareness and empowering women to take charge of their heart health.

One way Terry accomplished this was to set up an information table at the June 4 Rotunda Farmers Market. There, Terry provided market-goers with an opportunity to receive information on heart-health awareness, while a member of RPP’s nursing staff, Kate Reddick (pictured in action below), was on-hand to give free blood pressure screenings.



Roland Park Place is proud to announce that Carol Edwards, RPP’s Director of Nursing has completed her master’s degree in nursing.

Carol earned her Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner credentials with a specialty in family practice after successfully completing the National Board Examinations.

Roland Park Place is fortunate to have Carol’s expertise and dedication to life-long learning as part of it’s health care team.


Understanding Continuing Care Retirement Communities

A Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), also referred to as a Life Plan Community, offers residents varying levels of care that are all available within one location. At Roland Park Place, residents are given so much more than just a place to live—they have access to independent living, assisted living, and other care alternatives. Residents can spend the rest of their lives feeling protected by all the comforts that it provides.

Understanding exactly what a CCRC is, how it compares to other senior living communities, and what it can mean for your life, can be a bit overwhelming. Below we break down the definition so you can feel confident in knowing your options as you plan the next chapter for yourself or your loved ones.

What is a Continuing Care Retirement Community?

In its simplest terms, a Life Plan CCRC is the only type of senior living community that offers a full continuum of care all within one campus. Residents enter when they are able to live independently, but know that they want the guarantee of a continuum of care in the future.

Perhaps one of the most important qualities is that residents know they have everything they will ever need all in one place. It focuses on independent living, with nursing care and assisted living services available when they are necessary. Residents can enjoy the familiarity of the community they’ve come to know without worrying about potential life changes, like having to relocate when their health requires more attention.

“Entering a senior living community that has a continuum of care was a great decision for us. It made our life plan so much easier.” – Resident of Roland Park Place

What Makes a CCRC Different Than Other Retirement Communities?

Though most retirement communities will claim that they provide several levels of care, the specifics regarding that care can vary. In a Life Plan CCRC, while a significant entry fee is required, residents are guaranteed access to a full spectrum of care.

One of the biggest distinguishing factors is that a CCRC understands that its residents want to live a life that is as independent as it was before they moved in. Residents want to know that they are in control of their day-to-day lives and that assistance and care is available if, when, and where they need it.

Residents needing additional care can find comfort in knowing that their lifestyle will not change simply because their needs change. Residents can maintain the same quality of life, the same relationships, and can stay within a familiar environment. In addition to care options, a CCRC typically offers amenities and services that go above and beyond what is included in other types of communities.

Why Consider Roland Park Place?

Roland Park Place considers quality of life as a top priority for residents. Residents can maintain the same activities and relationships with their neighbors even as they require more care or assistance. They can be worry-free knowing the life they have built for themselves at the senior living community will never be disrupted based on changing needs.

Furthermore, the relatives and family members of residents have the comfort in knowing that the lives of their loved ones will be enriched with all that the community has to offer. And everything from housekeeping to vital medical care will be taken care of for them.

What One Can Expect at Roland Park Place

Roland Park Place offers countless benefits for its residents—from a Grand Expansionthat will include 58 new residences, to a state-of-the-art health care center. The health care center offers around-the-clock care in both long-term and short-term rehabilitation. At Roland Park Place, a resident who requires specific care can expect to have a team of highly-trained nursing staff to care for them. This includes, but is not limited to, Geriatric Nurse Practitioners, RN’s and LPN’s, as well as a licensed nurse on-site 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What’s perhaps even more remarkable is that the ratio of caregiving staff to residents is 1 to 1.6. With this kind of ratio, you can expect focused care from a staff dedicated to making sure you are living your best and healthiest life. In addition to the incredible nursing and medical staff, residents also have access to onsite physical, occupational, speech and aquatic therapy. And should there be a need to visit a doctor outside of Roland Park Place, transportation is provided for residents to do so.

As a Life Plan CCRC, Roland Park Place also offers additional residential support with daily trash removal, personal laundry, weekly housekeeping services, personalized health care management, and nutritional monitoring. Furthermore, those who are experiencing the unfortunate decline in memory can utilize the Memory Care services at Roland Park Place. The staff offers a holistic, person-centric approach devoted to the health and well-being of its patients while continuing to educate themselves on new treatments, therapies and programs.

How to Take Advantage of All that Roland Park Place Offers

As one of the only full-service, accredited non-profit CCRCs in Baltimore City, Roland Park Place brings wellness and care to your perfectly customized doorstep. To see if Roland Park Place is the right community for you, call 410-243-5700 to set up an appointment or browse our websiteto learn more.