National Senior Fitness Day 2021

To celebrate National Senior Fitness Day, a group of residents and our fitness manager walked the trails at Lake Roland. We are so grateful to be a quick drive to Lake Roland where you can walk, kayak, and fish as you’re surrounded by nature.

One resident says hello to a turtle

Physical exercise is a key part of a healthy lifestyle. At our fitness facilities you can swim in a heated pool, take a group fitness class, and even receive personal training.


Flower Market 2021

Roland Park Place was blessed with a beautiful day to hold our Flower Market. Residents chose from a wide array of flowers to be potted in flower boxes and hanging pots. Volunteers assisted in potting the plants and delivering the flowers to the residents’ homes.

Everyone enjoyed a day of flowers, friends, and sunny skies.

Interior of Bus with Driver Waving Hello

Wave “Hello” to More Trips and Outings


With 100% of Residents vaccinated, trips and outings are starting to increase. Today, we continued our weekly trip to Giant so Residents could stock up on food and home goods. Flowers were a popular buy this trip. Our other favorite grocery stores in the area are Trader Joe’s and Eddies.

This May is full of cultural outings. The warm weather means day trips to Hillwood and Winterthur to view their lush gardens. For those who wish to enjoy history and the outdoors, there is a trip to Historic St. Mary’s City that features a tour.  Our artistic community is excited to visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art to view works by artists such as Mary Cassatt and Andy Warhol. Our 2021 summer will be full of fun exploration.

Yellow Tulips on front desk cart

RPP Adds New Garden Plots

The resident gardening group is excited to see the replacement of some of the resident gardening plots along with the addition of new planting boxes. The planting of new flowers and veggies is a great way to celebrate a new season at Roland Park Place!


The Easter Bunny Visits RPP

The Easter Bunny never misses a chance to spend time with the best residents in the world. Roland Park Place wishes everyone a very happy holiday!


Delivering happiness

Reserving an apartment in the Grand Expansion at Roland Park Place means treats come to you! Until we can have our parties in person, we make sure future residents have something to nibble and drink during our virtual get-togethers.

What to do with that car

At Roland Park Place many residents find that with all of the transportation available including medical appointments and scheduled trips, there just isn’t a good reason to keep up the expenses associated with maintaining and insuring a vehicle. If and when that decision is made, it’s a great way to turn your vehicle into a tax deductible donation to Roland Park Place. We’ll take care of everything!

Fine Dining Has Returned to RPP

The Landing has been re-opened for dinner. Now that Roland Park Place residents have had their vaccine doses completed, we’re excited to welcome them back to our dining venues to share delicious meals and engaging conversations. Neighbors’ Bistro and the coffee shop opened to residents last week and we’re looking forward to being ready for guests again in the not too distant future!


New Art Books for the Library

The Resident Art Committee has joined forces with the Library Committee to secure the addition of two art books to the collection. These books allow residents and visitors to further explore the works of two of the artists featured within the RPP fine art collection: Pat Steir and Sorel Etrog.

Employees Celebrate Some Big Milestones

Employees celebrated some impressive milestones this week ranging from one year to 30 years of service!