Snow Day Cupcakes

There are no shortage of little surprises at Roland Park Place. While we can’t invite entertainers and lecturers right now and trips are pretty limited so that we can maintain covid safety protocols, the programs and events team at Roland Park Place continues to find creative (and fattening) ways to surprise and delight the residents of RPP.

A snow day is a good enough excuse to have cupcakes (even if the snow wasn’t so much). Any reason is a good reason to find happiness in your day. We’re here to help.

Wellness Goodie Bags

January is about Healthy Living so Roland Park Place residents got treated to a wellness goodie bag full of soap, safety and of course, sweets.

Inoculation Elation!

We’re so thrilled to have received our first round of inoculations on January 12th!

Walgreens was able to provide the initial round of protection to our employees and residents of the health care center. We are anxiously awaiting our date to inoculate the remaining residents.

Easy Resolutions for the New Year

They say to choose smalls goals that are easy to stick to.

They say that it’s easier to maintain a healthy exercise routine when you join with friends.

They say to go easy on yourself during this challenging time.

The theme is easy! At Roland Park Place residents have the steady guidance of Shea and Allison encouraging them to stick with their goals, group and individual exercise opportunities, and the convenience of studios, equipment and support within the walls of the community. What could be easier than that?

Views That Bring the Drama!

The Club Room at Roland Park is taking shape and the views are fantastic. It won’t be long until the horizontal beams are removed and the windows are installed. There are still plenty of great apartment views available, but the next 8 months are going to fly by and we can’t wait to toast to all that 2021 will bring us, including many new residents!

Ask us how to come be a part of our next chapter.

Countdown to Christmas Hot Chocolate

If you’re coming to Roland Park Place, be sure to bring your sweet tooth! “Countdown to Christmas” hot chocolate is among many holiday festivities at RPP and all seem to involve delicious treats!

I scream, you scream. We all scream for ice cream!

Roland Park Place president, Sam Guedouar, celebrated last week’s snowy weather with a gift of ice cream hand-delivered to each and every resident’s door. There really is no day when ice cream isn’t just the perfect treat!

The Holidays are Here!

The holidays are grand at Roland Park Place!
A grand poinsettia tree welcomes residents and guests in the lobby and the Grand Expansion is taking shape despite some winter weather.
Residents and staff are full of optimism this holiday season and looking toward the future!
Next year we’ll be celebrating from the new club room. We’re going to have so much to celebrate!
Roland Park Place Street Sign

A Message From a Grateful Resident

Below is a lovely message of thanks from a current resident to our Director of Rehab:

Dear Lindsay:

Thank you so much for your wonderful care of me during speech therapy.  It was especially nice to find that you understood my needs so well.  I appreciate your effectiveness in delving into my particular needs.  Without your encouragement and questioning skills, I would not have been able to express my needs.  Below is some of what I learned:

  1. I improved in my ability to find the words I desire to use.
  2. You taught me to be less embarrassed when I couldn’t find the word I wanted.
  3. I was having a problem remembering all my appointments and obligations each day.  You devised an easy to use system within my appointment book that solved my problem.
  4. I learned to complete each task before I started the next task, therefore not forgetting what I had first started to do..
  5. You encouraged me to slow down in all thinking aspects, allowing for less mistakes.
  6. You helped me understand how to verbally deal with each resident, from the very competent to those who are quite verbally impaired.
  7. I learned to let other speakers complete their thoughts before I spoke.
  8. I now try to eliminate tangential comments.



Thanks for your help!

Elaine R.


The Precious Pets of RPP are all Winners!

The pets of Roland Park Place competed in a “Precious Paws” contest. Their humans were asked to submit a photo of them with their name, age and favorite treat or toy. The rest of the community was then asked to vote on the very best.  A big congratulations to Oliver, Khloe and Daisy!

They are all winners to us.