Beginning Your Downsizing Journey

Overwhelmed on how to downsize your home? Don’t let procrastination get in your way. Here are three techniques to start your downsizing journey.

  1. Read a Book

    If the thought of donating one possession makes your skin crawl, start with reading a book about downsizing and decluttering. Finding other’s philosophies on how to downsize will help you develop your own. One of the most famous decluttering gurus, Marie Kondo, has a simple philosophy of keeping only that sparks joy. Downsizing books can also guide you to what to do with the items you are no longer going to keep. When you find your downsizing philosophy, you will be able to create a plan to tackle each room. Each downsizing author has special tips and tricks that you can cherry pick to fit your situation best. Thinking of giving your wedding china to your family? Author and blogger Elizabeth Steward knows the difficulties of giving family members your special items you won’t be taking with you.
    In No Thanks Mom: The Top Ten Objects Your Kids Do NOT Want (and what to do with them), Stewart outlines how to pass on your valuables to those who will appreciate them.

  2. Go through one small area a day

    Are you a person of action? Start with one small thing to downsize. It can be your shoe collection and you get rid of the dress shoes that always hurt your feet and the sneakers that are falling apart. Maybe its a kitchen drawer full of five different wooden spoons. Keep one (and a spare if you’re passionate about cooking). Everyone has the dreaded junk drawer full of random bits and bobs. Spoiler alert, most of it is junk that needs to be thrown away. If you start with one collection, one drawer, one closet a day, then in a few weeks you will have gone through your whole house. On a good day maybe you will get bit by the downsizing bug and do a whole room!

  3. Hire professionals

    When you are still overwhelmed and have managed only a tiny pile of donations, it is time to bring in the experts. RPP loves working with Abilities Network and Senior Move Management. More than just downsizing, they offer amazing moving services including floor plans and organizing. Moving is always stressful, having professionals help makes the journey more exciting and less daunting.