Roland Park Place

Active Senior Living at Roland Park Place: Exercising the Body and Mind

Staying active, both mentally and physically, has incredible benefits for seniors. Those who are more active and engaged tend to live longer, healthier, happier lives. For this reason, Roland Park Place puts a tremendous emphasis on fostering the kind of environment and lifestyle that enables seniors to flourish.

In recent years, scientific research has given increasing confirmation to the longstanding idea that seniors are better off when they stay active and involved in their communities as they age, as opposed to becoming inactive and isolated. Researchers now believe that there are correlations between sedentary, solitary lifestyles and health issues such as depression, memory loss, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, atherosclerosis, heart disease, increased injury risks, and more.

Conversely, the scientific and medical communities agree that exercise, mental stimulation, nutrition, social interaction, and the other hallmarks of an active lifestyle contribute to increased mental health and cognition, physical independence, and an overall higher quality of life for seniors. A recent study shows that regular physical activities—even moderate ones, such as brisk walking—can add several years to someone’s life expectancy.

Sound Body, Sound Mind

Exercising a few times a week, for even 10-30 minutes each session, is associated with positive long-term health outcomes. Benefits of consistent exercise include the ability to maintain or lose weight, reduced risks and impacts of illnesses and chronic diseases, enhanced mobility and balance, and a better overall mindset. Exercise increases muscle mass, improves your immune system and blood pressure, and alleviates chronic conditions like arthritis.

For seniors, physical fitness is even more important than it is for younger adults. Many think this isn’t the case, and they become less active as they age, which puts them more at risk.

In order to develop a sound exercise regimen, you should strive to find routines and wellness programs that work for you. Maybe that means listening to music while working out, going hiking with friends, walking golf courses instead of riding in carts, or just taking frequent walks. The important thing is to identify what your current capabilities are, what goals you should be striving towards, and developing a plan for achieving your goals over time. (It’s a marathon, after all, not a sprint.)

But physical fitness isn’t the only part of the equation—mental fitness is equally as important for seniors. Activities such as reading, learning new things, writing, drawing, solving puzzles, taking classes, and other similar pursuits keep your mind active and strong. Meditation and mindfulness techniques are great ways to relieve stress and feel more positive. And of course, interacting socially with friends and family is vital to feeling a sense of connection and belonging.

The Active Lifestyle at Roland Park Place

Roland Park Place puts the physical and mental wellbeing of residents at the forefront of senior living. The core components of this are fitness and engagement.

At Roland Park Place, fitness and aquatics form a comprehensive physical wellness offering that gives residents the ability to exercise in whatever way is best for them. The Fitness Center offers classes six days per week, many of which focus on promoting key aspects of long-term health. Residents also enjoy the Walking Club, and Certified Senior Fitness Specialists who educate and support residents in achieving their physical wellness goals. The Aquatics Program features group classes—from swimming to water walking and water aerobics—in the large heated therapy pool, five mornings a week.

As for engagement, Roland Park Place works to further residents’ spiritual, intellectual, and psychosocial wellbeing through an abundance of activities and initiatives. The community members at Roland Park Place strive to be mentally engaged every day—learning, sharing, and growing with their friends and neighbors.

Roland Park Place’s amenities and services help to facilitate this. From the Stone Hill Art Studio to the Library, Clipper Mill Commons, Beauty Salon, and Resident Gardening Areas, Roland Park Place provides residents with everything they need to thrive.

And, as part of the community’s recent Grand Expansion, Roland Park Place added a 4,140 square foot Arts and Education Center, complete with an updated library and a 32-seat, multi-tiered theater for seminars, films, live entertainment, and lectures.

Care Matters, Too

Of course, a major part of physical and mental wellbeing for seniors is the ability to receive medical care and therapeutic treatments as needed—and in this area, too, Roland Park Place excels.

Roland Park Place features a robust Health Care Center with highly trained and qualified staff. Residents also benefit from Physical Therapy availability, and the community’s Ambulatory Care Center, Personal Assistance Program (PAL), and Residential Care and Memory Care services.

This medical care rounds out Roland Park Place’s health and wellness options for seniors, creating a positive environment that promotes individual wellbeing for seniors of diverse ages and capabilities.

Interested in Joining the Community?

If you agree that this kind of active, engaged lifestyle is the way that all Continuing Care Retirement Communities should be, you’ll fit right in at Roland Park Place. To learn more about the community and its upcoming expansion, please call 667-219-2111 to schedule a personal appointment today.