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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)?

It is the type of community that provides a continuum of care, including independent living, assisted living, and skilled nursing care, all at one site.

What are the advantages of choosing a CCRC?

Regardless of the level at which you enter, you will never have to worry about moving to another kind of facility to receive a different level of care if your medical condition changes. CCRC's are sometimes called "life-care communities." They offer great peace of mind to you and your family members.

Why is CCAC accreditation so important?

CCAC accreditation is widely regarded as a mark of quality for retirement communities because the standards to receive this accreditation are so high, and the self-study and review process are so rigorous. The CCAC is the nation's only system for accrediting continuing care retirement communities.

I'm looking for an assisted living community. Can I move into Roland Park Place at this level?

Yes. When RPP received its license for 41 Residential Care (Assisted Living) apartments from the Maryland State Department of Health and Mental Hygiene's Office of Health Care Quality in August 1999, we opened this level of care to our own residents (who have priority to move into these apartments) as well as to people from the outside.

What are the admission requirements for Residential Care (Assisted Living)?

Applicants must be at least 60-years old, be medically approved for Assisted Living, and meet financial requirements as approved by the Board of Directors. A one-time entrance fee is due under The Traditional, 60-month declining balance, Residence and Care Agreement. A monthly service fee is required for all residents.

Is part of the monthly service fee for all contracts tax deductible?

Yes. Because the type of contracts we offer as a Continuing Care Retirement Community (traditional and refund option) are designed for self-insured long term nursing care, the cost of health care is spread among all the residents. A percentage of the monthly fees are tax deductible medical expenses.

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How are monthly service fees calculated?

They are based on the size of the apartment.

Is the accommodation fee (entrance fee) refundable?

Yes. Under one of our two plans (Refund Option Plan), 90% of your accommodation fee is refundable. You may also choose our Traditional Plan (sometimes called a "declining balance" plan), where your accommodation fee is refundable on a prorated basis for five years. For details of both plans, please call our Marketing Department at 410-243-5700.

Is there a waiting list for apartments?

Yes, we have a waiting list of people who have paid a refundable fee. If you are on the waiting list, you will receive priority consideration for apartments as they become available, according to where your name is on the list. Some locations and models are very desirable, and we advise people to join the waiting list to improve their chances of getting the apartment they want when they are ready to move.

Is Roland Park Place affiliated with a religious organization?

No, Roland Park Place is non-denominational. Although the community was founded by a coalition of Lutheran organizations, it became a member-owned, independent corporation in 1993. Our population represents diverse faiths and religious affiliations.

Can I bring my pet?

Pets are allowed at Roland Park Place, with some restrictions. There are regulations regarding approval and care of pets that have been established for the safety of our community.

How many residents live at Roland Park Place?

Approximately 270. There are 161 independent living apartments, 40 residential care (assisted living) apartments, and a Health Care Center (skilled nursing) with 60 private rooms.

What is the minimum age for residents?

Sixty (60).

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